Friday, June 25, 2010

Round balls

Now that New Zealand's All Whites are on their way home after a rather fabulous showing at the World Cup--one of only four countries in the history of the World Cup to have not lost a game and not to go forward to the next round--it's interesting that Kiwis are finally showing some interest in the round ball game of football. The oval ball associated with rugby is usually the foremost sport in most Kiwi's minds, or perhaps the much smaller, hard red ball of cricket.

But recent photos from home remind me that netball is still one of the top three--perhaps four--sports in NZ. While there are international women's teams in football, rugby and cricket--and even female jockeys and yachties--no men play netball.

It was one of my sports growing up, along with softball, tennis, football and field hockey (just plain "hockey" in NZ). I well remember wearing my black, pleated tunic uniform, with GA on my bib (Goal Attack, for the uninitiated).

Both my nieces play NZ netball, the older of the two playing very competitively. One day, I hope both may have the chance to play for the Silver Ferns, NZ's national netball team.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The past is B&W

My brother Rob, in NZ, has bought a fancy new scanner to scan the hundreds of photos he's borrowed from dad. Taken from the 1920s to around the 1970s, they cover 50 years of dad and mum's history.

With dad and my sister Clio, we've been trying to fill in the gaps of who's who. With mum dying in late 2001 and dad at 89, we're testing all our memories.

Above is dad (9) and his sister Beth (11), 1930, on their way to the Matapihi Native School; and below, dad in 1941 (20), with his new bike, shortly before heading off to the Pacific for WWII.

All good stuff.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting around to it...

It's taken nearly five years of planning and procrastination, but today I finally threw away the plastic barriers (above) held together with scavenged piping, bricks and old broom handles that I have called a sorry excuse for a 'gate', ostensibly to keep the dogs in leading up to the pool at the top of the driveway.

And I built a new 'gate'--one to be fairly proud of--and no rain was going to stop me hanging the hinges as the clock ticked on past cold beer time and being called for tea.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the (edge of the) water

Another great weekend with Andrew caravanning in the '72 Shasta. Decided last minute to go straight after work to Jordan Lake on Friday instead of Saturday, to get the most out of the terrific weather. And attract more ticks...

Across the way from Greensboro was Larry and his Brazilian wife, both keen fisher folk, who took Andrew under their rods and introduced him to the concept of really catching fish.

And Saturday night, Nancy and David (Floatsome) and Dawn (SandyBottom) and Paul (DancesWithSandyBottom) joined us for dinner.

Just as we were sadly packing up later Sunday afternoon (one of us actually crying that he did not want to leave, actively trying to unpack his bike), Dawn turned up in full sailing regalia, having hopped off their Core Sound 20 Dawn Patrol, to say, "Ahoy".

Counting the days 'til the next trip...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memories on Memorial Day

Went caravaning again this past weekend--four lovely days over Memorial Weekend at Lake Jordan's Poplar Point.

I can't yet get Andrew into a kayak, but he does like to sit in a sit-on-top (courtesy of Doug-up-the-road), when it's firmly grounded.

Fishing is his big thing now. Teach a kid (3) to fish, and you have time to either fish with them, or even read a book. He has his cast pretty well off pat, which is a fine thing to see. The patience will come--playing with the live bait can sometimes be a bit more fun.