Friday, November 14, 2008

Small world

News travels fast. Not a few hours after I'd contacted the wonderful Peter Coates, Yukon 1000 organizer extraordinaire, to report that Dawn and I would have to pull out of 2009's race, that a reporter from CBC Yukon in Whitehorse called me for a radio interview on the reasons for our pulling out of the race.

Economy, economy, economy.

I haven't found a link if the interview did in fact air, but I have been enjoying listening to CBC Whitehorse, and particularly their Kiwi-like (thankfully, Centigrade) fascination with the weather. Hey, it's snowing up there!

UPDATE (0942 EST): Woo hoo! Just heard the interview on the radio. (Love the Internet.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All unsigned: Yukon 1000

Our world's dire economy is hurting pretty well everyone, top up and bottom down--even those of us who sometimes have the luxury to dream about paddling the world's inaugural longest kayak race, the 2009 Yukon 1000.

I work in the not-for-profit world and raising money in this climate is far more of a challenge than normal. And smaller non-profits than ours and the communities they serve are hurting--badly.

So sadly, but not surprisingly, Dawn and my sponsor for the Yukon 1000, BubbaGirl, has had to shelve its support for our Yukon 1000 quest for another year.

Not a problem. These things happen. And BubbaGirl remains the fantastic supporter it is for the 2009 Everglades Challenge.

We paddle on!