Friday, November 14, 2008

Small world

News travels fast. Not a few hours after I'd contacted the wonderful Peter Coates, Yukon 1000 organizer extraordinaire, to report that Dawn and I would have to pull out of 2009's race, that a reporter from CBC Yukon in Whitehorse called me for a radio interview on the reasons for our pulling out of the race.

Economy, economy, economy.

I haven't found a link if the interview did in fact air, but I have been enjoying listening to CBC Whitehorse, and particularly their Kiwi-like (thankfully, Centigrade) fascination with the weather. Hey, it's snowing up there!

UPDATE (0942 EST): Woo hoo! Just heard the interview on the radio. (Love the Internet.)


David said...

Woo hoo, where on the Internet?

Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Kristen,
sorry to hear the bad news. I was looking forward to following your progress via your SPOT beacon.

Post a link to the interview when you have a chance.

Steve said...

are you doing the EC? If so, will you be posting your progress on the web?