Thursday, November 13, 2008

All unsigned: Yukon 1000

Our world's dire economy is hurting pretty well everyone, top up and bottom down--even those of us who sometimes have the luxury to dream about paddling the world's inaugural longest kayak race, the 2009 Yukon 1000.

I work in the not-for-profit world and raising money in this climate is far more of a challenge than normal. And smaller non-profits than ours and the communities they serve are hurting--badly.

So sadly, but not surprisingly, Dawn and my sponsor for the Yukon 1000, BubbaGirl, has had to shelve its support for our Yukon 1000 quest for another year.

Not a problem. These things happen. And BubbaGirl remains the fantastic supporter it is for the 2009 Everglades Challenge.

We paddle on!


Michael said...

I'm sorry to read your news today. but love your positive outlook! I too remain hopeful that we'll come out of this mess in better shape and with our paddles at the ready. Cheers to you all!

David said...

Disappointing, I know, as I suspect I was looking forward to you doing this even more than you were. Still, these times do seem made for hunkering down to think globally and paddle locally.

Brian said...

What a bummer. I too was really looking forward to following your adventures from a safe, dry, comfy distance.

It was an egregious Congressional oversight that paddling expeditions are not covered by the TARP.