Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Misery 340

The Missouri 340 kicked off at 0800 this morning, billed as the world's longest non-stop river race. In fact, Guinness World Records is out pacing the length of the race, just to make sure.

From Kansas City to St. Charles, racers have 100 hours to complete the 340 miles, meaning they have to be in St. Charles by noon on Saturday.

At least going with the current, around 3mph, the 70-team-strong competitors will have extreme temperatures, and possible thunderstorms and headwinds to compete against. Kinda glad I had a good excuse as not being able to compete this year ;)

But I'll be watching avidly as some good WaterTribe pals are out there, notably as Team Kruger:
  • Dawn (aka SandyBottom), who was competing with Stan (aka Etchimen) as a Kruger tandem, but is now a Kruger solo, with Stan acting as river bank support
  • Mark (aka ManitouCruiser and Mr. Kruger himself) and Brian (aka dabiscuit and Capt'n of the 'O' Dark 30) in a Kruger tandem
  • Alan (aka SOS), Dawn's son, in another Kruger solo.
Another WaterTriber competing is Marek (aka Wayfarer), who also competed last year, as well as RiverJohn, in another solo Kruger.

Dawn's husband, Paul (aka DancesWithSandyBottom), will be updating Dawn's progress, as he always does so well, and you can also follow along here, at the M340's site.

Go WaterTribers! And Team Kruger!

UPDATE: The Kansas City Star posted this shot this morning, as the kayakers set off. That looks like a Kruger top left, and possibly Marek in the middle in his Thunderbolt-X.

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