Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Frozen Coast

I've just finished reading The Frozen Coast (2004), a fabulous story from the Kiwi boys of Adventure Philosophy, on their kayak voyage of the length of the Antarctic Peninsula. Graham Charles, Mark Jones and Marcus Waters set out in January 2001 and spent two amazing months on their 850km (528m) journey.

Their story is a fine, adventure-inspiring read. The book's photos are worth it alone. A chapter on training for the expedition, as well as trying to finance it and actually get to Antarctica (and back!) is a learning experience in itself, as well as a chapter devoted to their equipment.

"So why do it? For the same reason that adventurers through the ages have stepped beyond the realms of the known. For the reward of being the only humans for hundreds of miles. For the sight of nature at its most wild and spectacular. For the glee that springs from challenging nature and surviving. For the need, in a world overrun and tamed by humankind, to be no more than a speck in the wilderness. For the belief that the world is a better place because of those that confront the improbable and defy the odds."

As an aside, these were the boys that were the first to paddle around South Georgia Island in 2005, and this month are setting off on their Ice & Ocean Greenland 07 expedition.



Michael said...

I met Hadas Feldman in Newfoundland who was also in South Georgia just after the Kiwis. Neat lady. I also have a friend who works each year as a kayak guide in the Antarctic off a cruise ship. Still working on her for an assistant's job. Sigh, indeed!

Kristen said...

If I had to make a choice between a trip to the Moon and Antarctica, it would be the Antarctic every time!

Noel said...

John and Amanda Neal of Mahina Expeditions have done a sail training trip to Antarctica before. They don't have one currently on their calender but there may be others that do. We interviewed them at Furledsails and talked at length about sailing to Antarctica. (Just look on the right side for a link that says John and Amanda Neal of Mahina Expeditions.

There are a bunch of cruise line type voyages down there. I have thought about taking one, because well it would be better than never going :p

The moon sounds cool also. It would have the edge in bragging rights.


Kristen said...

Thanks for the listening tip, Noel!

DaveO said...

An acquaintance of mine, Ann Bancroft, has skiied and paddled Antartica with friend Liv Arneson.
She sent me a postcard from the South Pole that just said, "Olson, you'd love this joint!". I am certain she it correct.

Kristen said...

Olson, I have their book on the journey and what a great story (in fact, I have a growing library devoted to Antarctica). Last week I found the children's book version of their expedition and bought it for my six-year-old niece back in NZ. Can't start them dreaming too young!