Tuesday, September 25, 2007

C'est la vie

Well, that's the last time I post an anticipated trip, 'cos it just doesn't seem to happen. A myriad of little things popped up, from work to weather to weariness. And it never hurts to bring the house and section up to scratch for FliesWithKiwiBird and the wee one's return this evening. That's probably more of a work out than paddling.

I got out Sunday on the lake, and it was beautiful. Hot though, with temperatures hovering over 34 celsius (90F). With the water even lower than before, and Durham finally on mandatory water restrictions (I hear via the media that we have 46 days of water left, thus I wonder why we weren't mandatory like every other county some time ago...), I'm finding the remnants of lost forests in this man-made lake never exposed before.

Some of the stump's shapes are glorious. As a child, everything in the botanic world slightly weird and potentially terrifying was a "triffid", from John Wyndham's 1951 novel, The Day of the Triffids. And here were lots of them, to bring a rush of childhood reading memories.


Michael said...

Quel dommage, cherie!
Here I was so jealous thinking you were bouncing across the ocean waves all weekend. Speaking of which, visit Alison Dyer's blog (see my site for the link) and be totally freaked by a trip she and some friends went out on the other day in Newfoundland. I'm ready to sell everything and move just to take part in adventures like this one.
Happy you - family's home tonight!

Silbs said...

Those branches, the shapes. I imagine they could send a child's thoughts racing and perhaps produce night mares :)