Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NZ's the place to be

Just amazing. No woman has ever paddled around New Zealand's South Island, and only three men have, and now three sheilas are making a go of it, all within the next few months.

I mentioned Freya Hoffmeister's journey a few posts back, and now the renowned Justine Curgenven (Wales) and to me unknown Barbro Lindman (Sweden) are also taking up the challenge.

My responses are entirely irrational:
  • One was fine, now three are 'competing', and I'm not one of them
  • Three sheilas and not one of them is a Kiwi, and I'm not one of them (but I'm a Kiwi)
  • This trip is probably one of the most challenging any paddler could make, and I'm not one of them
  • With the most beautiful scenery to view, and I'm not one of them
Kia Kaha!


Michael said...

Cheer up, Sweets, I'm not one of them either! If I was the whole world would be irrational! Wait a minute... LOL

DaveO said...

Irrationality is necessary to stay sane. But those sound like perfectly rational thoughts to me!

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Oh oh.. almost sounded like whine... but we know lady's from New Zealand only shine!!

So when do you leave?

The Capt'n

Silbs said...
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Silbs said...

Capt'n, I too sense a voyage at hand.