Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog advice

Hello folks,

I was hoping someone "out there" may be able to help me. You'll see from my latest entries that for some reason my hyper links are underlined and dark purple or dark blue, and I can't seem to change that.

Nothing I've played with on >Layout>Fonts & Colors> seems to make any difference, or even >revert to template default>.

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd very much appreciate it!



Michael said...

Are you trying to change the link colour or something else? If you are then I gather you have tried clicking on 'Customize', then clicking on 'Fonts and Colors' and then on 'Link color'. Once that's done, you can choose a new colour from 'Colors from your blog' or 'More colors' by clicking on the one you want. Once that's done, click on 'Save Changes'.

John said...

Michael is right or you could go into the template and do it but you would need some knowledge of code. Are you forgetting to click on "save" when you've made the changes?

Kristen said...

Thanks for all the advice, boys. But tried all that. The weird thing is, is if you click on "go to older posts" at the bottom of this set of blog entries, all the subsequent pages right back to the beginning are what I set under "Customize" (and saved ;).

John said...

I've looked at your code and it looks OK. The link colours specified in your HTML don't seem to tally with the colours appearing for your links. Why not load a different template and then revert back to your usual one and make your changes. It might work. John

Kristen said...

Funny, John, that didn't work either. And also weird how all the hyper links on this page are also underlined.

I'm hoping everything will revert to its original style when this page flips to the next - as with every other page.

K.C.A. said...

Try going to formatting... turn all the settings off, "SAVE" then turn all the settings back on "SAVE"

there is a hyperlink tab that "MIGHT" have sent a wrong messqage

brian Capt'n (kap)

Frank Ladd's Water Treatment Blog said...

You are way ahead of me. When I added a link on my blog it just showed up as regular text that someone would have to cut and paste.