Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sail work

Incredibly beautiful in North Carolina today--even had shorts and a T-shirt on this afternoon. And it's the middle of winter...

So perfect weather to finally get the new 1 sqm Flat Earth Sail rigged. David (Floatsome) came around to help. Thankfully, we only had to drill two new holes, for the eye strap for the mast's back stay and sheet pulley (below). Everything else I could use from my Pacific Action Sail.

I also swapped out the side strap units from the PAS's base, for the deck buttons that FES supplied (below)--and those will take the two side stays for the mast. You can watch a good video on how to use the deck buttons here. (That's also the red mast step you can see below.)

We couldn't set the whole rig up properly to view, as the glue has a few more hours/days to cure.

Hopefully I may have a chance to actually test the rig out on the water very soon. This year's Everglades Challenge starts March 3!

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