Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everglades Challenge 2014

It's time for round eight of KiwiBird's Adventures goes to Florida. If all went as planned, KB picked up SandyBottom at 05:00 this morning, and by now they've feasted on fried chicken at the stand at the back of the BP station (above) in Midway, Georgia, and should be near Jacksonville. And all in such luxury--in the new-to-KB Toyota Venza with (imagine this!) cruise control.

Prep for this year's EC has been minimal, what with the demands of work and school, but she'll paddle her way back into fitness within a couple of days. At this point, the weather forecast looks fairly benign: A bit chilly, with highs having trouble threatening 21C (70F) at Fort Desoto, and northerly winds at 16 KPH (10 MPH) or less.

As has often been the case in previous years, your faithful correspondent is Floatsome. I'll be with you daily until Thursday, March 6, when I fly to Tampa to ferry the Venza to Key Largo. Recall also that you can follow progress at the WaterTribe Tracking Map once they start on Saturday morning. You may also find some worthwhile commentary at the WaterTribe Forum.

Until tomorrow....

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