Monday, June 11, 2007

Kiwi ingenuity

While on the subject of beer, I found this marvelous NZ Web site, devoted to a young man’s dream to build the world’s first jet powered beer cooler.

Reading the site, you’ll discover a few things typical about Kiwis, and the male species in particular:

  • Only as a last resort does one read the instructions before attempting (something I get growled at over)
  • Every good Kiwi bloke needs a shed
  • Every good Kiwi bloke likes his beer
  • Every good Kiwi bloke has played at some time (school) or is still playing (club), or is being paid to play (provincial or All Blacks), or at least watching on TV, rugby
  • Every good Kiwi bloke loves his mum
  • It’s a matter of personal pride to serve cold beer
  • Long hours have been spent (invariably in the shed) dreaming up ways to keep beer cold.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Ah yes the "barley pop" I knew there was a reason I got along with so many KIWI's!!

43 minutes 11 seconds from the beer capitol of the world Milwaukee, WI USA

Finally were talking about something I am good at!! :-)

DaveO said...

We Wisconsin boys can really relate to this concept. One of my finest beer drinking experiences was when I went to watch the Rugby, England team take on the local rugby squad. My Kiwi friend wore his All Blacks jersey and the phrase, "Bloody f'in Pommies" was uttered more than once by my companion. It was great fun. You gotta like a sport where you tape your ears to your head so they don't get accidentally removed.