Monday, June 25, 2007

Qajaq Aotearoa

A new Web site has recently been launched in NZ, called 'Qajaq Aotearoa', dedicated to traditional kayak techniques and equipment. It's great to see the introduction of the ancient Greenland techniques and equipment to the Kiwi paddling world.

Grant Glazier, who lives on Waiheke Island and paddles all over NZ, originally built the site, which came about when an e-group he belonged to were discussing how to continue the promotion of Greenland paddling in NZ.

The site includes some great photos of paddling around NZ waters, and Grant has written an excellent introductory article on the art of using a Greenland paddle.

Grant also has his own blog, Island Paddler. His latest entry will bring tears to Kiwi ex-pats' eyes, on a recent weeklong paddling trip around the Bay of Islands.

Do check it all out.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Thanks for the link! Fun picture of that baidarka 'flying' skinless over the water!

Newfoundland tomorrow! Can't wait...