Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time with the whanau

Just returned from a few weeks back in Aoteoroa visiting whanau, primarily dad to check up on a few health issues, and then hopefully a week or so out on the boat up the coast. My sister Clio very kindly picked me up from Auckland International, after the obligatory few tears as the big wheels touched town, and drove me to dad's, tucked away in Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula. We spent a few days resting up, visiting the clinic, listening to the ever-wonderful Kim Hill on National Radio, and soaking up a few rays. For someone born in 1921, the old man's looking remarkably spry (with a local friend who sometimes comes to visit).

I'll post a few tales and photos of the trip over the next few days, but to wet your whistle, here's a panorama from the deck of the house, overlooking Mercury Bay and Whitianga township.



Silbs said...

Good to hear from you and that all is going so well. Lovely pictures. Any idea why they call it Mercury Bay? Not for obvious reasons, I hope.

Michael said...

Good to have you back! Now that's a view I could manage to live with! ;-)

DaveO said...

Boy, I'm impressed with your willpower in leaving a spot like that! You're a better (wo)man than I! Good to have you back.