Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a bit crook

Not too much happening, this end - have been struck with some dreaded lurgey, which has kept me off the water - haven't even had a chance to test the new boat. Have ordered from Ozzie a few new bits of gear for it, though - three new hatches, including the oval fibreglass aft top hatch, a cockpit cover and a spray skirt (or spray cover as the more testosterone-challenged Australasians call them).

We've also been busy with the Christmas festivities, thanking those that have meant a great deal to us this year. Yesterday we hosted the wee one's Little Gym group - great fun having seven or eight wee ones crawling around exploring new toys and territory and big people. Biggest problem was making sure everyone left with the kiddie they arrived with.

And everyone "up north" will be pleased to know that the week-long summer heat wave that hit us collapsed in fine form on Saturday. Hello winter! (Thankgoodness we fly out to San Diego next week...)


DaveO said...

Now those are an interesting looking piece of gear for we 'up north' types. How do they work with your Greenland stick?

Silbs said...

Pogies? Down South? We don't even put on long sleeves up here until it gets down to freezing:)

Kristen said...

I was a bit surprised at how well they did work, Olson. The neoprene and velcro stretches over the end and hardly any water leaks in. Recommended.

DaveO said...

Sounds perfect! I hope Santa reads this blog.

Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Kristen,
thanks for commenting a day or so back about my experience with sailing a kayak.

Would you have photos or video of you using your Pacific Action sail?

It looks to me as thought the PA sail can can sheeted to leeward, making close-reach sailing possible if you have a hard-chine boat and lean it windward?