Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Canadian Ckayaker visits

We were very privileged to have Michael Bradley, aka Canadian Ckayaker visiting over the weekend, dragging him from dinner party to dinner party over three nights, a bit of gardening, a pick up of a new gym set for the WeeOne, and a wee bit of babysitting to boot.

Saturday night we had dinner with SandyBottom, Paul and Alan, Michael able to give some handy hints to Dawn on the last finishing touches for her SOF.

Sunday saw us out on the water, introducing Michael to the joys of our local Jordan Lake. Launching from Ebeneezer Point, we enjoyed flat calm, sunny conditions right up to the Haw, where we sat on rocks nibbling on French bread and cheese listening to the babble of the passing river.

About an hour from the put in, the black clouds started rolling on, with the occasional rumble of thunder. Fairly confident they'd pass to the nor-west of us, we paddled on home. About 20 minutes from the put in, it turned very, very dark, and the rain started. A slight breeze picked

up. Within minutes, the rain was a downpour and the wind blowing a good 20knots. Our flat calm lake was now a two to three feet chop. Grateful it was on our aft quarter, we managed a few surfs home, but I found my boat a bit skittish with no extra gear on board. Quite a blast!

I was thankful we weren't on one of big lakes way up north that Gordon Lightfoot sings about - this may have been a different story.


Silbs said...

How wonderful that you could all connect. Me thinks there could be an idea for a rendezvous next year???

Michael said...

Nah, we're all coming over to your place next year Silbs. All the food and all the wine in North Carolina got used up! The hospitality went way beyond excellent!

Silbs said...

And you will be welcomed royally.

Louise said...

Hey Kiwibird!
Love your blogspot! I've added it to the links on mine.
I snagged it off ckayaker's blog. Your adventures leave me panting with exhaustion! Thank you for the ghost bicycle posting as well. Another senseless tragedy that makes us all shudder.
Thanks for your contributions.