Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shasta "restoration" underway

Our 1972 Shasta Compact was towed away a couple of weeks ago by local NC restorer-extraordinaire Dan Hellier.

Last year I had managed to clean it out and completely reline/pad the ceiling and walls to protect ourselves from the non-skid paint the previous owner had employed, rough enough to take the hair off your skin. Lori had also sewn some fabulous curtains and we'd replaced the squabs with new 4" foam and covers.

It was looking pretty good and we'd already had a fabulous four days last September at Cedar Island, NC in it, but we had only mains power connection and no 12V nor battery source for that, the gas line to the original but working three-burner gas stove had been cut, some of the tow lights didn't work or needed replacing, the screen door tottered on its failing hinges, and we really needed a roof ventilation/fan unit of some sort.

Dan's already well under way with his work, and you can keep up with progress at his site.

Can't wait to get away again, with the kayak.


Michael said...

Beautiful rig, Kristen! I wish mine had fins... Very nautie LOL

CraigJ said...

Hi Kristen. We, too, have a 1970s rig for kayaking. My wife and I have had campers and 5th wheels but there is always a compromise. We prefer trailers but wanted something smaller than the 29-foot 5th wheel (which we never use). So we found a 1970 Streamline (like an Avion or Airstream). You can see her and some of our paddling stories at . Her name is "Princess" because that's the model name. Ok... so I'm not very creative. :P


Kristen said...

That's a nice looking rig, Craig--and the interior looks perfect. Ours is half that length ;) I also very much like the look of the muthah-ship!