Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Entering the Wilderness Waterway

KiwiBird and her mates stopped off at the Ranger's Station to get a permit for the Wilderness Waterway just after noon today. Then they headed down a couple of miles to Checkpoint 2 to fill up their bladders with water and get the latest standings from Ridgerunner.

Lots of wildlife kept KiwiBird entertained throughout the day...sea turtles, dolphins and pelicans that would fly so close that she thought they would nip her nose. She is still paddling with SandyBottom and KneadingWater and they plan to stay tonight at Lost Man's and tomorrow night at Jones River.

They aim to hit CP3 at Flamingo Thursday and reach the finish at Key Largo on Friday. Due to a lack of cell phone coverage in the Wilderness Waterway, SPOT will be our only contact with KiwiBird until Thursday. So please check http://www.watertribe.com/ and click on challenge mapper to chart her progress.


David said...

Thanks, FWKB. It was poetry watching them work the tide coming into Everglades City today. Fool that I am, wish I was there.

Michael said...

Always nice to know where members of my favourite Durham family are! Thanks for posting FWKB. Hugs to A!

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

hey kiwi...paddle paddle... nice effort!!