Monday, March 9, 2009

It's s-l-o-w going...

KiwiBird was once again frustrated yesterday by a light wind on the nose that frequently held her at a dismal 2MPH. She reached CP1 (photo) and then stopped just off Sanibel Island at midnight. This morning at 7:20AM she was up and hitting the water again, with CP2 as the next big destination.

In case you haven't been following the Watertribe's website, SewSew rolled over and was unable to right his boat, calling in for a Coast Guard rescue. In other news, another captain (who shall not be named, but if you check out the SPOT challenge map you'll figure it out) dropped anchor at night to wake up with no land in sight. Seems that the anchor wasn't set just right and he drifted out to sea 20+ miles and wasn't sure he would be able to make CP1 before it closed.

Chief called the overall winner this morning at 8:04AM...congratulations to Bumpy and Lumpy!

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