Monday, March 29, 2010

Further dry land adventures

The WeeOne and I headed off for another weekend away in the caravan to Jordan Lake's Poplar Point Campground: I didn't need too much encouragement to make it a three-day weekend with him, in our 1972 Compact Shasta.

While the weather wasn't shorts-friendly as last weekend's trip, we still had a grand time. One good thing about picking a site with power is that one can turn on a small heater for the jolly chilly mornings one encounters. And we left the kayak on the roof of the 4Runner...

I also dug out the old and very worn awning that was thrown in when we bought the Shasta, which was great for Friday's showers.

Once again we spent many an hour on the bikes and exploring Jordan Lake's beaches. I now appreciate that boys throwing rocks into water is an inherently male genetic trait.

And Doug-and-Kathy-up-the-hill joined us on a beautiful spring Saturday for lunch and a walk on one of the campground's many trails. Every bridge had to be checked for taniwha!


Michael said...

Are you sure you didn't see the geocache hidden under that little bridge?

Kristen said...

Eaten... by the taniwha!