Monday, March 8, 2010

Today is a Good Day

This photo was sent at 6:25PM on Monday and was taken at Goodlands Restaurant. This is the first time in four ECs that KB has ever stopped for a meal!! The dinner party includes SandyBottom, KneadingWater, Seiche and I think RunningMouth (not sure on that).
Today was a good day for the group as they were able to hit Marco with the wind at their backs and the tide helping them on their way. KB paddled the first part of the day with KW and Seiche and the second half with SB.
After dinner they plan on stopping at White Horse Key for the night and then hit CP2 and the Ranger's Station for their permits first thing in the morning. Once they get into the Everglades there will be radio silence for about two days.

Yesterday was a bit rough as KB lost her paddling buddy, Floatsome, at the end of the day. This was Floatsome's first EC and he decided to retire at Sanibel Island, where there was a very nice hotel and hot shower waiting for him.
This EC is the coldest in the last four years. KB has been making great use of the hand warmers that were pushed on her before she left Durham and I know one other paddler that had to sit by the campfire for most of the night just to get the chill out of their bones.
For a more detailed description of events throughout the watertribe, visit or SandyBottom's blog (link on the right). DanceswithSandyBottom has completed an EC and NCC and has excellent commentary.


SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

What's up with Kirsten's SPOT? Her waypoints are few and not very current.

Kristen said...

Yeah, she's been having problems with it since before the race. The folks at SPOT had to reconfigure her software as it was still showing the NCC. It's driving me crazy too