Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hit Check Point Three at approx. 4:45PM!

Kiwibird called from a borrowed cell phone this evening at 6:04 PM. She travelled again with SandyBottom, Kneading Water and Seiche, leaving their chickee at 7:30AM this morning.

She said it was a really rough day of paddling, only completing a bit over 20 miles in a bit over 9 hours. KW lost his SPOT in the water.

Dolphins and Manatee were spotted today, hopefully that will bring them good luck and good weather in the morning.

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Floatsome said...

They did exactly what they needed to do today--reached Flamingo and staged for a Florida Bay crossing tomorrow that looks to improve. I am, as ever, so impressed! Go Kristen, Dawn, Steve and Denny!