Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everglades Challenge sponsor

After my first attempt at social commentary yesterday (my brother, Rob, always has a reasonable way of dissecting reports using statistics concerning NZ), I've decided to stick to something I do know a bit about, kayaking.

I'm thrilled to 'announce' that Bubba Girl is one of my main sponsors for the upcoming 2007 Everglades Challenge. Bubba Girl is an acronym for 'Be Unique By Being Adventurous. Get Into Real Life.'

The site is devoted to encouraging women and girls of all ages to get out and be adventurous via mentors and real-life experiences by ordinary women.

Along with this blog, you can follow in a bit more detail my EC preparation via the Bubba Girl website, where a journal is being posted in the lead-up to the EC, as well as during.

I'm proud to be a Bubba Girl! (Just don't call me Bubba...)

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging. And congrats about Bubba Girl, a great sponsor.