Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First steps

I've often fantasized about creating my own blog, having enjoyed reading those of friends I do know and friends I don't know, but feel I do at some level by sharing their experiences revolving around like interests.

I feel a wee bit humble taking this very public step, but as the world opens, and even flattens, perhaps the power of the blog may be the power of a wider universal community whereby universal thought and respect may just make a difference. But that could be my Kiwi naivety showing.

So, as we'd say downunder, and even-tempered by my perpetual peripatetic lifestyle, let's "give it a go"!

A definite kayaking theme will be first on the menu - I've had to hang up the ol' crampons and the ice axe sleeps under the bed as a nocturnal weapon against vagrant possums. Definitely a gear nut, whether it be kayak, camping, tramping (hiking for the Yanks) or biking, so there'll be some chat on some of my favourite stuff. Folks above the northern hemisphere may even learn a few ways to spell real English. You'll also see a fair bit of metric as I try and keep my hand in with a far better system that I was raised with; and I also want my family back in NZ to be able to understand me ;)

Another far greater adventure and journey to explore is that my partner and I are having a baby (this is week 28), so that topic will more than likely take center stage at some point too!

First up to chat about over the next few weeks is the 2007 Everglades Challenge, a 300-mile/483km kayak race I'm entered in that kicks off March 3, so there's not much time left!


Michael said...

Good luck in the 'Challenge"! Say hello to SandyBottom when you meet. I follow her blog as well.
No 'Challenge' for me, but I'll soon be in Florida paddling somewhere along the Gulf coast paddling trails.

Rob said...

The correct spelling is centre - not center. You'll be typing 'liter' next. It's the French you know.

Good luck with the race.

Your brother.