Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last paddle

It was my last paddle out on Jordan Lake yesterday before the Everglades Challenge kicks off. The boat was fully loaded, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Even had to take my jacket off.

Bumped into Dawn (SandyBottom) along the way, and exchanged photos. And bumped into Dee on the way back, so paddled home together.

Managed 26 miles in about 6.5 hours, but felt pretty knackered by the time I got home. I'm trying to talk myself into the fact that adrenalin, painkillers every four hours, eating every hour and drinking Gookinaid regularly, will keep me going for 16 hours paddling a day, for seven to eight days.

And we call this "fun"...

I'm off to NYC tomorrow for three days business. I work for Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, and we're presenting a report on climate change to the UN. Two years in the making, but hopefully it will all help the cause.

And Thursday, Dawn and I are driving down to Florida! Rumours abound that there's a WaterTribe party that night...

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g.h.chapman said...

Hi Kristen, Hey take care out there and good luck. You go girl!!! Can't say I am jealous but will definatley be following your progress.
Love cuz Helenxxxx