Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking official

Well, the name of the boat and Bubba Girl, my sponsor, is official: the stickers are on the boat. The Everglades Challenge is just eight sleeps away and I’ve a heap of last-minute things to get done, but at least the boat looks great!

Thanks to Dawn (AKA SandyBottom), I now have “KiwiBird” and a stylized Maori warrior as my “scare-the-heck-out-of-the-competition” logos. And throw in a couple of NZ flags along the gunnel, and what better promotion could one get for 100% Pure NZ.

Last night I finally got the Ram GPS mount on the boat – the screws accompanying the unit wouldn’t fit their nuts, so off I dashed at lunchtime yesterday to a local hardware store and bought the requisite ones – doubled the number to four, just to make sure. With the kayak in the lounge, much to my partner’s disquiet but bemusement, I can work on the boat in warmth.

I also got all my Gookinaid scooped out into Ziplocs, each baggie enough for four litres, and I’m reckoning on nearly two four-litre water bags a day. And now I know just where I’m going to position the Sticky Pod mount for my camera.

It’s all terribly exciting! In fact, I sometimes think the preparation can be more fun than the actual event you’re preparing for. I often found that with my boats on the marina hardstand during the winter and tinkering away on them.

But ultimately it’s all about the personal adventure, and being a Bubba Girl. If I can get just a couple of nieces to get excited and start dreaming that they too could be doing just something like this tomorrow; if another forty-something can say to her partner and children, let’s go camping this weekend; if grandma can call up her neighbour and make a date to go for a walk along the beach, then they too can be Bubba Girls.


Michael said...

Are there Bubba Men, or is that not allowed (or perhaps they are those large bellied things I've seen bouncing around the last few days eating restaurant food...)? ;-)

Kristen said...

I believe wwe're open to the few honorary Bubba Men, Michael, who support Bubba Girls. Sounds like you ;) Are you stopping by Durham on your way?

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Good Luck KiwiBird!!

- Your Kayak looks "Bubblicious" -

The Capt'n

Michael said...

Gee... I'm already in Hiawassee, Georgia, just over the line from you folks in NC! Let's meet in Florida someplace and celebrate your race. I'll post a note on Dawn's blog as well. Might be fun to hold a blogger's summit meeting!

Adam Bolonsky said...

Hi Kristen,
thanks for putting me in your blogroll.

Your post about the Everglades adventure and mounting a GPS intrigues me.

Would you have any photos of how you mounted your GPS, and some specs on the model, fastening hardware, etc.?

A lot of paddlers above the mid-Atlantic states use GPS, especially in downeast Maine (the Maine Island Trail Association is a rich resources for overnight camping spots a day or so apart between Portland, Maine and Canada), where the fogs are widespread, thick, and persistent.

Adam (Sea Kayaking Dot Net)