Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beach Cruising

KB and comrades are making good pace along the coast of Everglades National Park. The body of water you see at the lower right is Whitewater Bay, which they will cross to reach the canal that comes into Flamingo from the north. The question is, will they stop at Oyster Bay Chickee, which is inside the entrance or continue on? It's about 12 miles to Oyster Bay Chickee, so 3-4 hours at current pace. That's where SandyBottom planned to be tonight, but I can't check on her as her Spot has stopped transmitting. DancesWithSandyBottom is trying to get Santiago's track, as he thinks that's who she's with.

Other options for KB and friends include two chickees in the Joe River or going on to Flamingo. I'm skeptical that they'll push on to Flamingo. It's about 30 miles, and they've not shown much inclination toward late nights. As usual, we'll see.

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