Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day One PM

Those of you attempting to follow Kristen (or any other competitor) on the WaterTribe mapper are no doubt aware that it's not working. Fortunately, I'm able to log into her Spot account and follow her there. The above screenshot is her position as of 12:32--just off the inlet to Sarasota.

I had a Spot Check/OK message from her at 10:11 this morning, which I thought rather odd. She wouldn't normally send one of those unless stopping for the night or making a major course change. When I checked her position, however, I realized she was going outside at the inlet between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. This (and the weather report) tell me that conditions are quite calm. Winds are less than 16 KPH and predominantly controlled by the diurnal onshore/offshore swing.

To the best of my recollection, she's never before gone outside at this point. I suspect the rationale is some mix of novelty and avoiding powerboat wakes in the intracoastal waterway. Most likely she'll come back in at Venice Inlet, but she might stay out until Stump Pass, which is shortly before checkpoint 1. There are other alternatives as well should conditions change.

She's making quite good progress thus far, and at the current pace she should arrive at CP1 around 20:00. I'll update later this afternoon before heading off to a wedding.

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