Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wrong Again

She's almost to Flamingo. A moment ago, she was where the road crosses the canal. Two possibilities: Set up a tent near the fish cleaning shelter, or rest a bit and head on across Florida Bay. It might depend on whether the store is still open for a microwave cheeseburger, but no more prognostications from me.

If she forges forward, she could best her previous Class 1 Female record. She also doesn't have a designated place to sleep in KL, but I'm sure people will provide. She's almost certain to get to Key Largo before Southwest and Super Shuttle can get me there.


Dana Law said...

Thank you for keeping us informed on her progress.
She's fortunate to have your support.
Say hi to the Wee One.
Dana and Donna Law

Floatsome said...

She left Flamingo at 06:15 this morning. I can't log in to make a regular blog post from my phone, hence this comment from my phone. I will likewise comment when she finishes 8-10 hours from now.--Floatsome