Tuesday, March 4, 2014


KiwiBird and (presumably) Seiche stopped briefly at the ranger station, where we hope KB got the text message from FlieswithKiwiBird about campsite reservations. Then they proceeded on to CP2, where they spent about an hour. I'm hoping it was to visit the above. I need to get back there soon to replenish my stock of Havana Cafe hot sauce.

The reservation for tonight is for Rogers River Chickee, about 25 miles as the crow flies from Chokoloskee, and kayaks don't (or shouldn't) fly. They either didn't get the message or have decided it's too far for today, as they appear to be heading out to the Gulf of Mexico. Here's the track:
As was the case yesterday, time will tell.

Update: They did have lunch at Havana Cafe and are heading out to Mormon Key tonight to battle the raccoons. The plan is to stay outside until Whitewater Bay. KneadingWater is also with them.

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