Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Into the 'Glades

As expected, KB had dinner at Marker 8.5 in Goodland and proceeded on into the 10,000 Islands, where she set up camp about 20:30, apparently with Seiche. This morning they were on the water by 07:30 and headed for Everglades City.

What they didn't know--and we hope they will find out--is that SandyBottom already acquired permits for camping in Everglades National Park. In WaterTribe, this what is called a "filter." The ranger station in Everglades City (marina at upper left, above) is open from 08:00 until 16:30 daily, and there are no advance campsite reservations. So the wise challenger times his or her arrival during office hours.

Checkpoint 2 is actually at Chokoloskee (lower right, where the causeway hits civilization), and each competitor must stop there. Besides, if at all possible, one wishes to arrive there during open hours for the Havana Cafe, which serves excellent Cuban food—worthwhile fortification for the two days about to be spent on the Wilderness Waterway.

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