Monday, March 12, 2007

Back into the swing

All-in-all, this would have to be the best adventure of my life!

SandyBottom and DancesWithSandyBottom got me home safe and sound last night around midnight. It was a loooong drive home... and a very tiring day at work.

Thanks so much to everyone who followed my progress and gave me so much encouragement and inspiration - it meant a lot.

And all my thanks to FlysWithKiwiBird, who kept the blog updated and WaterTribe in touch with where I was at all times (where possible) - couldn't have done it without you! Which also means that I need to be a very very good bird for the next 12 months to try and get permission for next year's EC.

I did get growled at for not having some longer contact cell phone conversations, but I'm amazed at how focused one becomes when one's in race mode!

In the next few weeks I'll try and work to find the time to post blog entries on all the adventures we had, gear used and just what the true story is behind the above photo (courtesy of SnoreBringGator) of KneadingWater apologizing. In the meantime, there won't be too much paddling - the baby's room needs to be painted and prepared - it's week 32 tomorrow!

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Michael said...

Hi Kristen. Blogger's having one of it's 'bad hair' days it seems so this comment relates to this post above regarding the gear you used on the EC. Fascinating! I really enjoyed reading it and comparing it with my load of gear, some similar, some different.
I'll contact you and Dawn early next week from northern Georgia and see if we can connect as I head home. If you could email (ckayaker at hotmail dot com) me a phone number that would be helpful as I have a US cell phone - part of the deal with my wife which allows me some freedom to paddle!