Monday, March 5, 2007

EC Day 3...KiwiBird Hits 11.9 MPH !!!

KiwiBird called in at 05:30 this morning reporting a good night's rest and her intention to reach Check Point Two (CP2) by the end of the day. The photo above shows KiwiBird with SandyBottom last night on the beach at Wiggins Pass, courtesy of Kontiki's wife Heather of Foster Photo. I bet you never saw a KiwiBird with yellow feathers before!

It was feast or famine today with a maximum speed of 11.9 MPH (a personal record), moving average of 5.5MPH and overall average of 4.3MPH. While the personal record was thrilling, she was down to only 1.5MPH atpaddling against the tide up the entrance to Chokoloskee on her way to CP2. She reached CP2 at 19:15 this evening, charting a total of 174 miles since the start of the race.

It was another spirited ride for KiwiBird as she endured constant sea spray in her face, while sailing over 6-8 feet swells powered by 15 knot north-northeasterly winds. At one point a large wave broke over the back of her Arctic Raider kayak and almost capsized her. She said that if she had capsized at any point during the high winds she didn't think she could have gotten back in the boat and would have had to call for a rescue.

Her wildlife encounters included more dolphins and pelicans, plus a few white egrets and blue herons. It seems the gators have gotten the word that KiwiBirds are not very tasty, as nary a one has been sighted as of yet.

Tomorrow KiwiBird will head south to Check Point Three. Chief announced the winning team (a class 4) hitting the finish line today after 2 days, 8 hours and 56 minutes. Props to Roo and Tinker for an awesome run!!!

KiwiBird Quote of the Day: "When that wave broke over me, it was a wee bit scary!"


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Really enjoying your posts on the EC... Thanks for sharing!!


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Give a warm hello to KiwiBird from the Capt'n... She is having a great run!!

Rob said...

Great to get the running (or paddling) commentary. Good to see (or sea) she's still in one piece.