Wednesday, March 7, 2007

EC Day 4...Change of Paddling Strategy

KiwiBird called in on Day 4 at 08:03, bright eyed and feathery-tailed, as she was in line at the Ranger's station for a permit to camp over the next two days in Everglades National Forest.

Previous plans had not called for entry into the Wilderness Waterway, but strong winds that propelled her south faster than expected and forming an ad hoc team with SandyBottom and KneadingWater convinced her to take a bit of a longer route. So the Three Musketeers will now be travelling together in a cell phone-free zone for the next two days, which means there will be no field reporting until most likely Friday.

Thanks to DancesWithSandyBottom for the following detailed routing for the Musketeers:

"The ad hoc team will travel the Wilderness Waterway down to Whitewater Bay and from there to CP3. From CP2 about 8:30am Tuesday, they will paddle ~25 miles to Plate Creek Chickee (or further on to Rigers River Chickee). Then on Wednesday they will paddle ~30 miles to Harney River Chickee (or farther on to Oyster Bay Chickee). Then on Thursday they will paddle ~30 to Flamingo. Perhaps cross the ~35 miles of Florida Bay on Thursday or Friday."

KiwiBird has reservations starting Friday at the Bay Cove Motel at the finish line (Flamingo), so I think she will be pushing to arrive on time. Thankfully, NOAA's weather forecast for Friday includes winds north to northeast near 10 knots, bay waters at a light chop and isolated showers. Not a bad way to end a 300-mile race!

(photo: courtesy of Kontiki's wife Heather of Foster Photo, from Wiggins Pass campsite)

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