Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not paddling, hon. Honest

So what do post-Everglade Challenge WaterTribers do when they’re not paddling? Of course, they start dreaming about next year’s EC, but they’re also very careful not to talk out loud about it too much, or to actually sign up so soon on the WaterTribe site for 2008 – that’s a bit too public, and FlysWithKiwiBird knows exactly where that page is now – and they start mulling over when they may be able to fit in a quick after-work or weekend paddle, just to keep the cobwebs from collecting on the boat as it sits so forlornly in the back yard. They ruminate (again, not out loud) over what gear worked well in this year’s EC and what would be a good idea to upgrade to – so they quietly order a few wee things here and there, just to remind UPS where the front door is. They definitely check the WaterTribe discussion forum fairly regularly – there’s always a good bit of advice on there, a comment to bring a smile to one’s lips and a trigger of a great EC memory or two.

But this KiwiBird has been kept pretty busy and has been warned not to even mention the word kayaking for a wee bit.

Summer’s on the way, so the pool cover had to come off – that took some scrubbing both sides and to be dried and folded away ready for the end of the season (heaven forbid). The lawns mown for the first time this spring. And, of course, the big project is finishing as quickly as possible the nursery for Andrew’s imminent arrival (May 8). Much to FlysWithKiwiBird’s chagrin - who's currently back in San Diego for the West Coast baby shower - this just had to be put on hold until after the EC. But now that’s over, I’m into slave and placation mode. “Yes, dear” is my mantra for the next few weeks as I putty, spackle, sand and paint.

And dream…

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