Saturday, March 3, 2007

EC Day 1...Oh, What a Day!!!

KiwiBird reached Check Point One this evening, at approximately 9:10PM. She reported an exhilarating day of sailing that started with a wave dumping water into her kayak 10 feet from the start line, requiring her to paddle back to the beach for a bailout.

The paddle across Tampa Bay was tempestuous, with several boats capsizing around her, one requiring a coast guard rescue. Swells were at 5-6 feet, with northerly winds at 15 knots. Her Kiwi-made Pacific Action Sail was up day and night, even through the rain, as she charted 65 miles in 13 hours and 49 minutes.

KiwiBird's highest speed was 9 miles per hour(mph) across Tampa Bay with a 4.8 mph average moving speed and 4.6 mph overall average.

She ran aground at one point and also found herself on the wrong side of the channel at another, forcing her to get out of her kayak and having to drag it across a sand bank.

KiwiBird was in good spirits, having taken a warm shower, jumped in to some dry clothes and waiting for the boiling water to work its magic on her meal in a bag. There should be more reports throughout the day tomorrow, as she was also notified of the new 8-hour check-in rule, necessitated by today's and the forecasted aggressive weather.

KiwiBird Quote of the Day:

"Wow, it's been just thrilling! If the Challenge was to end today, I'd be happy to go home!"


Janet in Santee CA said...

My what an exciting trip so far! You are doing an excellent job. Santee, Ca is rooting for you. You go girl1

Garry from NZ said...

If only our sports teams showed as much grit as you girl (just thought I'd throw the girl bit in as it appears acceptable). Any chance of you writing a paper or two for me when you have nothing to do? Thanks and best wishes from us all. Garry and whanua.

David said...

Just another fan enjoying vicarious fun. Thanks for letting us play along, and keep up the superb work!

koning said...

Congratulations on your first day of the race, Kristen! It's me, Arthur, from Washington DC. I am praying for your safe and swift voyage. Peace out...