Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thelma & Louise's Excellent Adventure

Well, as of 0600 hours today the two female solo Watertribers have started their road trip to Tampa. They're hoping to hit the campsite by 1800 hours in order to join with their fellow Watertribe members for a bit of food, "grog" as the KiwiBird would say, and no doubt lots and lots of yarns.

It was just a bit of chaos yesterday evening as partners tried to provide support to the duo, one by providing sustenance and the other by staying up most of the night, ensuring that every item on the checklist was packed. This was in between many supportive phone calls from friends and family and double, triple and quadruple checks of all the gear.

Check out Sandybottom's Watertribe necklace, including the alligator tooth earned last year at the 1,500 mile Ultimate Florida Watertribe Challenge.

Last minute purchases for KiwiBird included a digital audio recorder, battery-operated cell phone charger and lamination of her tide charts and paddling strategy.

After a rather restless night of sleep, a full thermos of Earl Grey tea and a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies for the road, Sandybottom (aka Thelma) and KiwiBird (aka Louise) are ready to start their most excellent adventure!

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David said...

Hey Louise, I'm watching, waiting and cheering for you and Thelma!