Monday, March 5, 2007

EC Day 2...Dolphins, Pelicans & Sharks..... Oh My!

KiwiBird called in at 06:30 on day two of the Everglades Challenge from Check Point One. After a good night's sleep she was anxious to get on the water, allowing for a whole 10 second phone call to say she was off and heading south.

Day Two's stats include completion of 51.8 miles in 12 hours with a maximum speed of 8 MPH, a moving average of 4.3MPH and an overall average of 3.9 MPH.

KiwiBird reported that from CP1 to Sanibel Bridge was long and a bit arduous. She had to take her sail down prior to reaching the bridge and paddle hard against a stiff headwind. She traveled solo all day, only Sandybottom and Pelican in the distance after she'd passed them.

She also reported seeing lots of dolphins, pelicans and the odd shark, but no reports of alligators, yet. Some human wildlife in the form of Kontiki's wife Heather and friend Jason was encountered about four miles off shore after reaching Sanibel Bridge. Some photos were taken that she'd love to publish on her blog.

At 20:05 she called in and reported that she had reached Wiggins Pass about an hour prior, had set up camp on the beach and was looking forward to a hot meal. Sandybottom and NatureCalls arrived an hour or so later.

Day three's plan is to reach CP2 and then assess paddling strategy.

KiwiBird's Quote of the Day: "I've decided that I hate Clif Bars right now."


Dee said...

You're doing just great Kristen. Looking forward to tipping a bottle of NZ wine and hearing about the adventure.


David said...

Concerning the Clif Bars: Think of it as giving up something for lent (a bit late). Personally, I gave up liver.