Monday, February 25, 2008

Can I come too?

An unhurried weekend getting everything packed up into a few manageable piles, to load 0500 Wednesday morning into Dawn's van. I'm finding it hard to believe that, just like last year, those three "manageable piles" will all fit inside the boat, or be worn. Though it is a slightly lighter load than last year - I did learn a few tricks.

The nervousness has finally turned into excitement, with the healthy nervousness remaining. Pete, a fellow Kiwi - a Maori - who lives behind us, married to Lauren, who's currently on a month's contract in the Congo, came around for dinner last night, and showed me all the exercises I should have been doing. Better late than never, and it just got me more excited about next year's Everglades Challenge.

What I am looking forward to, is the four days we'll all have together after the race, exploring the Keys, where none of us has yet visited. I'm packing a mask and snorkel.


Silbs said...

Why is that beautiful child not wearing a pfd? Safe trip.

Michael said...

He's a perfect fit! Fun to have a look at a young paddler in training, one hatch at a time.