Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They're (Almost) Off!

herself may yet grace this page this morning, but just in case, as you may surmise, things aren’t exactly to plan. To paraphrase John Denver, "All my dry bags are packed, I’m ready to go." But as of 0800 2/27/08, they’re not yet leaving on a jet plane or even a van:
We went around to Dawn and Paul's last night, with a fab dinner FWKB had made, and home-made tiramasu! to help feed Dawn, Paul and Alan, working feverishly on the new Core Sound 20, now named Dawn Patrol, sans artwork at this stage. Unloaded all my gear and came home.
The good news is that we finally succeeded in a SPOT check-in yesterday afternoon, and I got Google Earth to run on my home laptop, so we blogfans should be able to keep an eye on KiwiBird as she plies her way toward Key Largo. Stay tuned.—Floatsome.

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