Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Messin' about

There's something about watching a boat being built - no matter what size - from keelson to tuck (something my dad used to say) - from actual reality, seeing something grow, to even watching the efforts of others online.

Keeping an eye on SOS and DancesWithSandyBottom building their Core Sound 20 is a real delight. But over the last few years, I've also been watching another boat. Every time I've driven to or returned from the put in at Ebeneezer at Lake Jordan, I've kept an eye out on a cruising launch being built out in someone's yard. Being a yachtie myself, I can still admire the sleek lines and very racey bow flare. And I had to smile, when the grandchild appeared beside it one day.

So this last weekend, I actually stopped and took some photos.


Silbs said...

Wonderful lines. It is fun to watch a boat being birthed.

DaveO said...

Great looking boat. And happy Waitangi Day. Will you be celebrating?

Michael said...

A 'ship' off the old block! (Sorry, it's blowing snow outside and I'm getting antsy...)