Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wait, This is Florida, It's Supposed to Be Warm

Triangle Transit Authority (aka KiwiBird, SandyBottom, DancesWithSandyBottom and SOS) arrived in Tampa last night about 9:00 and spent a restful night camped near Fort Desoto Point. This morning was cold! KB, shown above, sported four layers of Icebreaker fleece below a windbreaker. “I’m still coughing, but who cares?”

The day’s activities included shopping for groceries for Dawn, hardware for Dawn Patrol and IPA for the 18:00 shindig at campsite 3 (SavannahDan and PaddleMaker). It’s a little more than 36 hours until launch!--Floatsome


Silbs said...

Cold? Florida? What a shame :) :)
Stay warm and safe and have a great race.

DaveO said...

I was encouraged to see that India Pale ale, that staple of the Empire for 150 years, was on the itinerary. Best of luck on the event!