Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Water weekend

A beautiful weekend here, with temperatures near C20 (mid 60sF), thus what could be better than both Saturday and Sunday paddling out on the lake. It all felt as though it was coming together nicely for the upcoming Everglades Challenge, though I'll start loading the boat up/down with weight for the rest of this month's paddling.

I don't remember seeing so many normally coastal birds this time of the year, so far inland. There were definitely more shags (cormorants) than normal; and hundreds of what I took to be Forster's Tern, with its nearly all-white plumage and forked tail. In the absolute still of the lake, with not a breath of wind for mostly both days, their soft plummage littered the water.

I even bumped into SandyBottom on Sunday, out in the middle of the lake. In her Kruger, she has a very distinctive silhouette. With all the training she's being doing, she's lost a fair bit of weight and is looking quite hot! I'll never forget first meeting her on the beach at Lake Jordan a few years ago, and marvelling at this canoe/kayak thing she was paddling, training for then the Everglades Challenge and Ultimate Florida Challenge. Either will FliesWithKiwiBird...

We talked about the logistics of getting bodies, boats and gear down to Tampa Bay at the end of the month, and then picking up the van and trailer for SOS and DancesWithSandyBottom's yet-to-be-finished Core Sound 20. This year, FliesWithKiwiBird is going to fly down, with the wee one, pick up the van and trailer and take a couple of days to drive everything down to the finish line at Key Largo. It will be quite a family affair!

And I finally got the SPOT satellite tracker sussed. But more on that tomorrow.


David said...

OK, I've zoomed in and still can't quite read what the GPS says. Nor can I figure out why it needs a CamelBak. Is this a new secret weapon?

Silbs said...

You're killing me with these weather reports.

Gigner Travis said...

Hey Kiwibird, the hundreds of birds that look like Forster's Terns (and they DO) are actually Bonaparte's Gulls -- quite ternlike, they are.

Gigner Travis said...

Funny thing: I can spell "Bonaparte's Gull" but not my own name! That's g-i-n-g-e-r!

Gigner Travis said...

Funny thing: I can spell "Bonaparte's Gull" but not my own name! That's g-i-n-g-e-r!

Michael said...

I think we already have an 'Everglades Champion' here! It's FliesWithKiwiBird! Good on you, I say for doing van duty!

And what's Ginger been sipping over there...? Doesn't seem like lemonade!

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