Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hereeee's David

As FliesWithKiwiBird and the wee one will be driving madly around Florida during this year's Everglades Challenge, delivering SandyBottom's van to the finish line at Key Largo, I found myself without a blog-keeper for the six to seven days of the race.

But all was not lost! I have a fabulous friend and work colleague, David (with a new WaterTribe name of Floatsome), who will be my right-hand mouse. David will also be receiving my check-in phone calls and SPOT signals - hopefully not the Alert 9-1-1 - so will have absolute power over letting you all know just where I am and what I had for breakfast. Well, let's hope it'll be a bit more exciting than that.

Hopefully we'll also be seeing David competing in 2009's Everglades Challenge - he more than likely will be buying from me the Mirage 19 I have safely tucked away for him. A total fitness guru, David has more marathons, triathlons and an Ironman under his belt than you can poke a stick at.

BTW, that's David on the right, Brian in the middle, and me on the left, half-way through the 2006 Tour de Cure.

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