Saturday, February 9, 2008

Night sky

It's good to be alive.

After some serious negotiation I managed to transact a Friday's evening paddle, a night under the stars, and a Saturday morning on the water.

Hit the lake Friday at 1600 - not a breath of wind, not even a stir of a gasp - warm airs - almost a kiss on the face - one of those magic evenings. Saw the sun set over my right shoulder, birds nestling down for the night on the waters - not too fussed at my passing. Dark hit, and a new moon ahigh, reflected on the absolute still waters beside me.

There's something about paddling at night - complete self dependence, touched with a slight tingle of... fear, perhaps. I certainly jumped when the boat hit floating debris. But such a clear night, I could almost speak to every star.

Slept like a log on my new Exped down mat - holy grail - probably would have been pretty chilled without it, fully dressed in Icebreaker inside my bag. Didn't bother with a hot breakfast - snacked on some apricots and a Clif Bar as I packed, and on the water by 0700.

A touch of pink on the water, just for a few seconds; and not a whisper of breeze nor another boat or even a gasp for a few hours. And returning home, a useful breeze - nothing fancy, but enough to raise the sail - to help get me home.

Made me appreciate, if you don't paddle, you don't get there, but if you do paddle, you do, and you feel.

Ah, it's good to be alive.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

You are a mistress of the "O" dark 30- What secret pleasures the nightime paddle brings...- Great posting.

Silbs said...

I feel so sad for you, Kristen. Day after day you deal with the monotonous sameness of the warm air never knowing the pure animal joy of a finger tip going numb in the cold, lips cracking open and eyelids freezing shut. Yet you stay down there and make the best of it. Good for you!

Kristen said...

This has been the weird thing about this winter, Silbs - certainly not the extreme of yours, but it can be up in the 70s one day or two, and then back in the 30s the next. Certainly taking every opportunity we get to enjoy the good stuff, though.

Michael said...

Great post, Kristen! Wish I was there... Instead I'm 'negotiating' as well, with my daughter. With a little luck we'll head out ski-camping in the snowy woods soon for a weekend and I'll get to use my Expedowny mat as well! I WILL be taking my stove for a hot breakfast! Lucky me!