Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot, miserable, amazing

“The first thing I learned was that the man who has water on the mountain is king,” says hiking enthusiast Dana Law. “Water is absolutely the most important thing you’ll have in Southern California, because this really is the land without water. When I saw my first mountain spring I was totally shocked. It’s the most amazing, unusual thing I’d ever seen.”

My dear San Diego friend Dana, is soon to be speaking at La Jolla’s Ridford Library to talk about his experiences hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). He’s hiked 974 miles of the trail over the course of 22 separate journeys. I’m proud to say I’ve done a couple of t
hose journeys with him.

You can read more about his experiences on
his blog, and more about his upcoming talk from the San Diego Weekly Reader.

And you can read some of Dana and my earlier hiking tales here.

Dana’s wife says I’m the only other woman he’s allowed to share a tent with.

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