Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Approaching CP2

KiwiBird and Seiche arrived at Indian Key about 20:30 last night, and were back on the water this morning about 06:00. The yellow line shows the path I expect them to take, but I've never been there, so I could be wrong. The yellow flag at the top of the image marks the Everglades Park ranger station, where they will stop to get a permit to camp inside the park. The station is open only from 08:00 to 16:30, so there was no point soldiering in last night against the tide.

I expect to hear from KB when she reaches Everglades City, although it may be indirectly through FwKB. That will be probably the last cell phone signal until most of the way across Florida Bay, most likely some time on Friday. Sometimes there's a weak signal at CP2 at Chokoloskee. When they check in at CP2, I won't be surprised if there's an ice cream cone in the offing.

SandyBottom stopped for the night at White Horse Key and was underway about the same time that KB and Seiche were. I'm hoping they'll cross paths at the ranger station or at CP2. When she gets to CP2 I'll be surprised if there isn't an ice cream cone in the offing.

DanceswithSandyBottom and SOS reached the finish at the Bay Cove Inn on Key Largo about 01:40 this morning. According to Steve, they had a great time crossing Florida Bay, but when I checked about 01:00 the winds had mostly died--hence their relatively slow progress. No matter. They came first in class and third overall. Way to go guys!

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