Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lostman's Five Bay

The photograph above is cheating. It's actually from last year's E.C. That's Scareman and SandyBottom on the chickee. Why chickee? Don't know, but I'll find out before KiwiBird and Seiche reach the Shark River Chickee tomorrow. What chickee? That's pretty apparent: essentially a pier that connects to nowhere with a PortaPotty for amenities. These are maintained by the National Park Service, and in a region where there's not much solid ground, they're just what the discerning paddler is looking for.

I don't imagine that KiwiBird and Seiche have gotten there yet, but I wanted to post a picture before it got dark. ;) Perhaps KiwiBird will lob in a Check OK on her (well, Etch's) Spot when she gets there. More when I know more.


Rob said...

Thanks for the updates Dave. I can't get any joy from the Water Tribe mapping system so it's good to know where she's at (even theoretically). Cheers - Rob (KB's brother)

Floatsome said...


I have a meeting shortly, but very briefly, she's currently in Big Lostmans Bay making excellent progress southeastward. If you'll send your e-mail to Kristen's gmail account, I'll send you the Spot share, so you can track her.