Sunday, March 6, 2011

Late afternoon Sunday update

At about 1800, KB and Seiche were passing under the Sanibel bridge at Ft. Meyers. Winds have begun to turn in their favor and their speeds are quite good. KB's Spot report showed 5.5 nmph, which means they've either found a very favorable tidal current or the wind is helping--or some of each.

My earlier suggestion of Wiggins Pass for tonight is probably too optimistic given the hold before crossing Charlotte Harbor and the nasty conditions, but KB knows some places short of there to take a break. The winds favor moving forward as much as possible now, as they are forcast to come from the east by dawn on Tuesday. Shelter in the Everglades would be good. But they have dealt with some really challenging conditions, and rest may be a priority now. KB has shown an uncanny knack for making the best of such situations in the past, and there's no reason to think she won't again.

SandyBottom is not far behind, having pushed through with her usual persistence. DwSB and SOS are more than half way between Ft. Meyers and Marco Island; they may be leading Class 4, but it's possible I've overlooked someone, as the Challenger Mapper is still suffering some from the level of interest.

If I hear from KB tonight, I'll report again, but she is not required to check in again until 1000 tomorrow.


Michael said...

I'm really enjoying your wonderful coverage! Thanks so much. I also reading 'Without a Paddle' by SharkChow, looking at old photos of places along the route I've also paddled, and will watch the video of the '06 Challenge this evening. I'm into this race! Again, thanks!

Kristen said...

Thanks, Michael! Kristen has told me about some paddles you two have had, and I hope to have the honor of meeting you some day.


Noel said...

If you get a chance to talk to her, please tell her that Noel aka Root and his wife are cheering for her, be safe and have a great race!


Kristen said...

Will do Noel. She called Lori last night and Lori passed along the info for the brief post I'm about to prepare. I expect to talk to her some time today.