Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday morning

KiwiBird and Seiche camped near New Pass last night, and KB checked in with FwKB about 22:45. Yesterday was a tough but exhilarating day. KB had waves breaking over hear head in Charlotte Sound, but there was also much wildlife to be seen: numerous sea turtles and several manatee. She and Seiche are in good spirits and feeling healthy, and were on the water before 0700 this morning. SandyBottom camped nearby and launched a little earlier than they did, but I expect the three of them to be together shortly.

Winds are favorable for good southward progress today, and making as much of it as possible is their only plan. This is particularly motivated by a predicted shift to winds out of the east tomorrow. Will they pass up dinner at Marco Island? Without Kneading Water there to tempt them, there may be a tendency toward tunnel vision. We'll see.

In other news, DwSB and SOS are well are on their way to taking Class 4 and third overall. They passed through CP2 last night and were near Shark River this morning. They'll round Cape Sable before noon and sign in at CP3. Then Florida Bay is all that's left.

SewSew managed to reach the finish less than hour ahead of Bumpy and Machoman. Amazingly close race, and Randy should have some great new sleep deprivation hallucination stories to tell.

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